How to Use Zoom app for attendee and host

How to Use Zoom

Some of symbianer may be wondering what Zoom is and how to use Zoom. In the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, the word Zoom is often mentioned. But what exactly is Zoom and how to use it?

Step by Step How to Use Zoom

Then, how do symbianer use this online meeting application? To be able to use it, symbianer should first download the application either on a PC or smartphone. There is no difference in how to use it on a PC or smartphone. The difference lies in symbianerr status, whether as a host or as a participant. For more details, here are the steps to use Zoom, either as a participant or host. 

How to use Zoom as an attendee

  1. Make sure symbianer already have the Zoom app on the device symbianer want to use. 
  2. Make sure symbianer have a meeting ID or join Zoom meeting link. 
  3. Go to the application, then click the “Join” menu
  4. Enter the meeting ID or join meeting link, then click “Join”
  5. Don't forget to set a name that will be read by other participants. 
  6. Please wait, until the host gives permission to enter the room. 

How to use as a host

  1. Make sure symbianer already have the app on the device symbianer want to use. 
  2. Go to the app, then click the “New Meeting” menu
  3. symbianer'll automatically start the meeting. 
  4. In the upper left corner, there is a green logo that says meeting information.
  5. Please click the logo, then information will appear about the meeting ID or join meeting link.
  6. Please copy and share it with others so that symbianer can enter the meeting room symbianer created. 
  7. If symbianer want to share symbianerr meeting ID or Zoom meeting join link in advance, then go to the “Meetings” menu
  8. In the menu, there is information about the personal meeting ID.
  9. Please click “Copy Invitation” and share it with others. 
  10. If symbianer want to start a meeting, please go to the “Meetings” menu then click “Start”

Zoom Features

Then, to get a better online meeting experience, the Zoom app offers some excellent features. Here are some of the features in this most famous online meeting application. 

  • Presentation: This presentation feature allows a person to share a presentation that is on their screen. So all participants in the meeting room can see what is being presented. 
  • Video: To make the meeting even more real, symbianer can turn on the camera and meet with other participants. In this feature, symbianer can use several filters to change the background. 
  • Record: This record feature makes it possible to record all conversations that occur during a meeting. 
  • Chat: symbianer can use chat features to send messages to everyone or to only a specific person. 
  • Security: For the host, this security feature is useful for giving permission to other people so that they can enter the room or be able to make presentations. 

Now it has understood what the zoom application is. In the midst of the pandemic and current technological advances, this online meeting service has become a very useful platform. 

how to download videos from Facebook without app

how to download Facebook videos

Downloading Facebook videos can be done easily and practically. Users do not have to worry about their storage space being reduced, because downloading Facebook videos can be done without additional applications. Here's how to download videos from Facebook.

Facebook itself is a social media platform that presents a variety of interesting content. Similarly, other platforms are also competing to make their users feel at home. The service feature is in the form of presenting video content, Facebook displays it for its users. Not just watching, users can also download videos that they find exciting in their gallery.

For those users who want to download Facebook videos, there is no need to use additional applications. So how do symbianer do it? To be clear, please refer to the following review.

How to Download Facebook Videos Without App

symbianer don't need to download Facebook videos using the application, because it will only reduce the storage memory capacity. Just use some of the following sites to download selected videos.

1. Savefrom Net

It's a versatile site. symbianer can use the Savefrom Net site to download Facebook videos. How to use it is quite practical and easy, because it is only through a laptop browser.

The trick is to use the video link symbianer want to download on Facebook. Grab the URL link, then copy it and visit Savefrom Net. Then please paste the link in the column provided in the dashboard view of the Savefrom Net site.

Actually, it's not just downloading Facebook videos. symbianer can also use Savefrom Net to download videos from other platforms such as symbianerTube, Instagram, and others. Even to turn a video into MP3 form can also.

2. Snapsave App

Maybe the popularity of Snapsave App is not as big as Savefrom Net, but the site can also be used by users to download videos on Facebook without an application.

Snapsave App provides a variety of resolution options, ranging from full HD, 4K, and 2K. symbianer can take advantage of Snapsave App using various devices such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

Simply visit the site by accessing the link to use the service. The Snapsave App site already supports use using Android and iOS smartphones.

3. Download Facebook Videos with FDown Net

Another site that symbianer can use is FDown Net. Provide video download services on Facebook without having to use the app. The usage process can be directly from symbianerr phone, both Android and iOS, laptop, PC, or tablet.

The various features are also getting simpler. Just visit the URL link via Then paste a copy of the video link in the column provided. Select symbianerr desired resolution and wait for a while, the system will process the video download.

4. Getfvid

Getfvid is a Facebook video download site that users can use to download in MP4 or MP3 format. The site is one of the tools that will help make it easier for users to download videos.

Still the same as some other tools, the way to use Getfvid to download videos on Facebook is through a URL link. So please copy the link of the video on Facebook that symbianer want to download.

Then paste the copy link results on the Getfvid site, if it has been copied, symbianer can click download. Make sure to choose the desired resolution according to symbianerr needs. To save storage space, symbianer can choose only a small resolution.

5. FBDownloader

Finally, take advantage of the FBDownloader site as a tool that symbianer can use to download Facebook videos without an application. Provides a variety of resolutions, ranging from HD to full HD with free services.

It is still the same for use, namely, using a copy of the URL link to download the video. Visit the official website on the to be able to access the service.

Various sites to download Facebook videos are suitable for those of symbianer who have limited storage space or don't want to be complicated by adding applications on symbianerr phone. Hope this information helps and make wise use of it.

how to meditate correctly? here's the right way to do it

how to meditate properly

Busy life often makes us feel stressed and bored. To overcome this, symbianer can try to do the following meditation method! Here's how to meditate properly.

Stress and stress are normal for many people. Especially for those of us who have a super busy schedule and minimal time for vacation. In fact, boredom can also arise when we are too long at home, like during the last pandemic.

For symbianer who don't have much time for vacations, this feeling of stress or “burnout” can be a problem later in life. Our productivity can decrease, mood so unstable, less happy, and impact on physical health.

No need to worry, even though we can't take a vacation, we can still overcome burnout from home. symbianer can try several ways of meditation for beginners that can be done easily.

Meditation can provide various benefits for the mind and mental health, symbianer know. Want to know how to meditate correctly for beginners? Follow the steps!

How To Meditate correctly for beginners

Meditation is an art to calm the mind and release all sense of stress. 

To do so, there are various ways that symbianer can follow, here are the steps!

  • Find a comfortable place

The first method of meditation is to find a comfortable and Quiet Place. Meditation can be done anywhere, either indoors or outdoors. 

symbianer can do meditation in the house, in the yard, in the park, or in other places that feel comfortable and quiet.

  • Position symbianerrself As Comfortable As Possible

After finding a quiet place, next we need to position ourselves comfortably. Most meditation activities are done while sitting, meaning symbianer need to wear comfortable pants.

symbianer can use women's pants leggings that have a comfortable and elastic material that is suitable for sports and meditation. If symbianer meditate in the garden or courtyard of the house, it is worth using the worm mat as a seat.

Position our body sitting cross-legged with a strapping body. The goal is that blood circulation and breathing become smoother and the body relaxes.

  • Calm The Mind

To start meditation, we need to calm the mind first. Get rid of all unnecessary thoughts, focus entirely on symbianerrself. 

Try not to think about work or other affairs that become a daily routine, symbianer!

  • Define Time Limits

Meditation activities can be done at any time and in different time durations. As a beginner, we can limit meditation activities in a short duration of time, for example between 5 and 10 minutes.

Make this initial meditation as a process to maintain concentration and focus from various kinds of distractions around us. If symbianer are a pro, symbianer can apply this meditation method to calm down for a moment before starting work.

  • Regulate Breathing

Regulating breathing is one of the most important parts of how to meditate. Focus symbianerr mind on keeping symbianerr breathing steady. 

We can use the time count to take a deep breath, hold our breath, and exhale for a few seconds. Do the technique repeatedly to get maximum calm during meditation.

  • Keep symbianerr Mind Focused

The right meditation can make our minds wander and explore the positive values that exist within us. Therefore, make sure symbianer leave all negative thoughts.

Also, avoid any distractions that may arise. For example, turn off symbianerr phone for a moment, turn off the television, or choose a quiet place away from noise.

  • End The Meditation Slowly

After meditation, symbianer should not immediately move from a sitting position. Like exercise that ends with cooling, meditation also needs to end slowly, symbianer.

We can open our eyes slowly, then take a minute to listen to the surrounding sounds. Also observe the surrounding environment in a relaxed manner and let our emotions flow naturally.

How to earn money from TikTok (Best and Latest Method)

How to earn money from TikTok

How to earn money from TikTok—Are symbianer curious how to earn money from TikTok? If yes, then this article is for symbianer. In today's technological digital age, the use of the internet is a very common thing, both for Work, Study, play, and entertainment. One of the entertainment platforms that is currently very famous, especially among symbianerng people, is the TikTok application.

This social media, is now in love with many people, because it turns out that apart from being a place to find entertainment, this one application has transformed into a platform to make money. Then how to get money from TikTok?

Currently, there are many people who share their experiences who have managed to earn hundreds of billions of rupiah through this application. If symbianer open the TikTok application, I'm sure symbianer will also find videos of people who post their success in earning rupiah coffers.

If symbianer also want to make money through this one app. This article is right for symbianer.

On this occasion, I will share how to earn money from TikTok. But first I will explain first about what TikTok is, how TikTok works and the business opportunities that its users can get.

How to earn money from TikTok

What is TikTok

TikTok is simply a social media platform that connects everyone in the world, where users can upload short videos. Instagram Facebook or Instagram that can post images or only limited to writing, on TikTok users can only upload content in the form of short videos. The average video on this platform lasts 8 seconds to 1 minute.

How TikTok Works

Unlike its rival platform, symbianerTube, TikTok does not prioritize search engines to gain viewers. The user also does not need to search for what kind of content he wants to watch. Because it does not prioritize search engines, TikTok uses artificial intelligent algorithms to learn user accounts through behavior when using the platform.

The algorithm learns user behavior in order to understand what kind of content the user wants. In such a way, it's no wonder TikTok can attract many users from the market and retain them because it continues to provide a sense of satisfaction as well as curiosity about what the next video will be.

Business opportunities on TikTok

TikTok itself has now been equipped with various features that its users can use to do business, or simply, every user has the opportunity to make money.

In this application symbianer can sell products through the marketplace feature, become an affiliate, receive endorsements to get gifts when doing live-streaming. For more detailed ways to get money from TikTok, please read this article to the end.

1. Live

Every user can take advantage of the live or live broadcast feature to earn money from TikTok. Unlike symbianerTube, TikTok provides different ways for broadcasters to make money.

When broadcasting live, broadcasters can receive gifts directly from the audience in the form of iconic images that TikTok has provided. Each image has different values. Unfortunately, not everyone can go live. Prospective broadcasters must have at least 1000 followers before they can go live.

To convert the Rewards broadcasters earn through live broadcasts, broadcasters can convert all coins into diamonds. After conversion, the diamond can be directly broadcaster cashout.

Try to spread the benefits when live, not even gossip, swear, slander, or even provoke the audience to do illegal things. The broadcaster must be responsible for what it displays. If symbianer don't know how to live on TikTok, symbianer can read the following article: How to live on TikTok.

2. Trading

Like a real-world marketplace, symbianer can also make symbianerr TikTok account a store to offer certain products or services. symbianer can create engaging content or affiliate to other creators to sell symbianerr products and services.

Sellers can also use the promotion feature, which I think is great. Promotion on TikTok increases the chances of reaching the right target market because the TikTok algorithm has an algorithm that has read a lot of user behavior.

Only offer legal products and services. Offering illegal things only brings harm to the account and the seller himself.

3. Endorse

The next way to get money from TikTok is through endorsements. Some companies sometimes choose to endorse their products or services with specific goals. Why do I say specific goals? Because the purpose of endorsing itself is a lot, not only limited to selling products to the public, but it can also aim to strengthen brand influence.

The pay symbianer get if symbianer get an endorsement from a brand varies, depending on the influence symbianer generate on each piece of content. It is not impossible for a brand to pay up to billions of rupiah to influencers who have strong influence.

When symbianer have received an endorsement offer from a brand, first check the products or services that the brand offers. Make sure symbianer understand what symbianer are doing.

Do not rashly accept certain offers because of fantastic wages. symbianer are responsible for any video symbianer publish on any social media. The amount of money is not worth it if it is exchanged for losing the trust of followers, or even being dragged down by the law because of rash actions.

4. Affiliates

Because TikTok has reached many stores in the country, symbianer can apply for or get offers for affiliate products from a store. symbianer must be good at creating a feed so that the audience of symbianerr content is interested in buying the product or using the service symbianer are affiliated with.

Since affiliates don't need capital for products, shipping, and the like, this option is suitable for those of symbianer who are just starting out wanting to make money on TikTok. The wages of affiliate products or services also vary, depending on the influence symbianer have.

In February 2022, there were cases up to years in prison due to affiliation. symbianer don't want the same fate, do symbianer? Therefore, be selective in accepting or submitting offers. The money and fresh air symbianer breathe right now are not worth it in exchange for decades in prison.

5. Advertising

Unlike endorsements, receiving advertising offers does not require TikTok account owners to create new content. The account owner only needs to insert the video snippet that the advertiser has provided into the content.

This method has been used by symbianerTube for a long time through the AdSense intermediary. Not only through a working agency like AdSense, symbianer can also apply or receive offers directly from a brand to display video footage of their products in symbianerr content.

In this method, the presence of email is very important. Because usually, a brand will contact the account owner to agree on cooperation via email.

Do not accept advertising offers from illegal companies, such as gambling and the like.

Previously, I have searched on Google about how to earn money from TikTok. As a result, I see options and suggestions mixed up in the delivery structure. Mixing suggestions and options will only confuse the reader. One option I see on other websites is “become an Influencer”.

Not only that, they also provide the option of “consistently publish content” and “get as many followers as possible”.

I don't think that's an option. It was a suggestion to open the way in for the available options. Therefore, I do not pass on all three suggestions, because this article is about options, options. Give advice only as a sideline after outlining options.

Speaking of consistency, I disagree with the consistent argument of publishing content as a suggestion to open options. In my opinion, not everything in our lives should be content. Because the audience is also a human being who has his own taste and can get fed up. It's a different story if symbianer are a national or international artist that a lot of people are curious about symbianerr status.

I use the internet as a way of transportation in the real world. The road allows users to go to places that are prohibited, also allows going to useful places. All the usefulness of the internet media path depends on the user. Please be wise in using social media.

Those are 5 ways to get money from TikTok, hopefully useful.

What is Prive in Accounting (Understanding Prive)

What is Prive

Recording all transactions in a company or business is a mandatory activity. The recording of such transactions includes income and sales proceeds to expenses and purchases of raw materials. With the recording of all transaction activities, then the cash flow can be fully known and able to show the actual financial condition of the business. One type of expense that is often missed and lacking in financial statements, especially small businesses, is prive.

In Accounting Economics, a prive is an expense that occurs due to the withdrawal of money made by business owners. Since it takes a portion of the assets owned by the business, then such withdrawal of money if not tracked could be considered as a loss of profit with a considerable value for a short time. 

In this article symbianer will know the meaning of prive the effect of prive on accounting recording the characteristics of prive in price category accounting how to calculate the how to manage price wisely. Check out the full explanation of prive in accounting below.

What is Prive in Accounting

A Prive is an acquisition of capital or assets in a business. The capital withdrawal is used for the personal needs of the business owner in question. In individual businesses or partnerships, withdrawal transactions can be done traditionally. 

While in large companies, usually withdrawal transactions are referred to as distribution activities. When the business owner withdraws money from the company for personal needs or use, the company will take funds from the model.

This is quite reasonable because basically the business owner has shares in his or her own company. The owner is able to obtain cash funds in exchange for the ownership of part of his capital in the company. 

Then the company will record journal entries related to the withdrawal of funds by the owner by debiting the withdrawal by the owner and crediting cash. The withdrawal of funds by the owner is included as equity or temporary capital account closed on the capital account of the owner at the year-end listing.

Effect Of Prive On Accounting Records

Accounting records also have to do with prive accounts, which is the process of recording any withdrawal of funds or capital from the owner. The withdrawal can be in the form of assets, especially in the form of money, and then withdrawn through businesses and companies by the owner to meet his personal needs. 

Then what is included with withdrawal in a business? Withdrawal or withdrawal in a business involves assets that are not only in the form of money or cash.

The withdrawal of these assets is owned by the company and is also included as one of the assets that can be withdrawn from a business by the owner who aims to meet his personal needs. Therefore, the withdrawal or prive can also be equipment or products that are not sold and taken from inventory, and for personal use on the part of the owner.

Characteristics Of Prive In Accounting

One of the functions of prive account recording is to maintain the stability of the company's capital balance. Therefore, it has some characteristics in accounting. Reported by the business site, here are some characteristics of prive accounts. 

a. Track Capital Spent On Personal Needs.

Through the prive account, symbianer can track the total capital or expenses withdrawn from the business by the owner for personal needs. This can facilitate supervision related to the withdrawal of funds by business owners also ensure that the total capital balance owned by the company is maintained and in accordance with the cash flows that have been recorded.

b. Not Included As A Permanent Account Or Ongoing Account.

Prive accounts do not include permanent or ongoing financial records. At the end of the period in the financial year, the prive account is balanced with a credit on the general ledger. Then the balance will be sent to the amount of capital or equity side of the business owner from the balance sheet and included in the debit type.

This withdrawal account can only be used in the following year to track withdrawals from the business in the previous year or period. Therefore, this type of account is not included as a permanent account or a continuous account and is only a temporary account in financial accounting.

c. Not Included As An Expense Account On A Business.

The last characteristic of the prive account is that it is not included as an expense account, although it is a reduction in the total funds available to a business or company. The reason is that withdrawals made by business owners are not included as expenses from business activities. It is simply a reduction in the amount of business equity used for the owner's personal needs. If the prive account is used as an expense account, the recording will only be written on the company's income statement and not on the balance sheet. 

d. Recording Of Prive In The Statement Of Changes In Capital.

Withdrawal of capital as receivables, so investors are obliged to return the capital or money they withdraw. This requires commitment in order to prevent disruption to the company's capital.

Record each withdrawal as a capital reduction. It is necessary to do this if the investor withdraws or reduces capital directly.

Excluding the prive from the income statement, the withdrawal of the debit does not enter into profit or loss, but rather as a capital deduction taken directly from the capital. So withdrawal is considered an out-of-activity activity.

How to get a blue tick or verification icon on Twitter for 2023

How to verify Twitter account

How to get a blue tick or verification icon on Twitter or how to verify the latest Twitter account is important to know for those who want to be verified on this social media networking platform. 

Initially, this feature has been introduced since 2009 and is usually obtained by verifying (submitting personal data) our identity to the twitter team.

However, after Twitter was officially taken over by Elon Musk, there was a change to the rules. One of the known people from the Tesla and SpaceX companies will charge a subscription fee on accounts that want to get a verification mark of USD 8 per year (may vary by country or there is a price change).

This means that in order for symbianerr Twitter account to get a blue checkmark, symbianer have to pay and subscribe every year.

There are several steps that need to be done to verify symbianerr account, here are the steps reported from the official Twitter page. 

How to verify Twitter account: 

  1. Go to symbianerr account profile menu, symbianer can access it through the app or web. 
  2. Select the Twitter Blue menu, in this menu symbianer will be taken to the twitter blue page
  3. Select the manage subscriptions menu. 
  4. Select the manage payments menu.
  5. Complete the payment method data.
  6. Choose a subscription plan as needed.
  7. Once symbianer have made symbianerr subscription selection, and made symbianerr payment, symbianer will receive a verification mark. 
Keep in mind that this verification Token requires an annual fee, meaning if symbianer do not pay at the end of symbianerr subscription period, then the verification token will be lost.

Thus, the guide or how to verify a Twitter account or how to get a blue tick on the latest twitter. Hopefully this guide is useful, and if there is any feedback or need for changes to the tutorial above, please contact us, or write a comment.

How to Register Netflix Account (Latest and Easiest Way)

How to Register Netflix Account

Nowadays, symbianer don't have to bother going to the cinema if symbianer want to enjoy the latest movie shows. The reason is, various movie watching platforms are available online. Well, one of the most popular movie streaming services is Netflix. Then, how do I sign up for Netflix?

Besides being popular, Netflix also has another advantage where users can enjoy its services through the application or from a web browser. Then, on Netflix users can also subscribe to movies and TV series from various channels, such as HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Viu, iFlix. And others.

How to Register Netflix Account

Before symbianer can enjoy movies on Netflix, symbianer first need to register and subscribe. FYI, for new users, Netflix offers a free trial for 30 days.

The steps to create a Netflix account are fairly easy, symbianer can register via PC or Android phone. In addition, the transaction and subscription process is fairly fast. Here's how to list Netflix on an Android phone 2022.

  1. Go to the Netflix page via the link
  2. After that, create a new account by filling in the form, email address and password
  3. Then open symbianerr email inbox because Netflix sends symbianer a confirmation code via the email symbianer previously used to sign up
  4. After that, choose what subscription plan suits symbianerr interests (Netflix gives symbianer the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade at any time)
  5. Then set the payment method using a valid credit card
  6. After that, wait for Netflix to confirm the payment
  7. That's it, symbianerr Netflix account is done and start streaming!

Netflix itself is currently used by millions of people in the world. The ease of watching movies makes it one of the largest entertainment platforms in the world.

There are actually quite a lot of movie provider platforms, but it may not be as popular as this one. Apart from being an app, it turns out that Netflix also produces their own movies, symbianer will find a lot of movies made by Netflix that are labeled as Netflix originals.

That's how to register an account on Netflix, once registered, symbianer can enjoy the latest movies without the hassle of having to go to the cinema. Let's register!