how to download videos from Facebook without app

how to download Facebook videos

Downloading Facebook videos can be done easily and practically. Users do not have to worry about their storage space being reduced, because downloading Facebook videos can be done without additional applications. Here's how to download videos from Facebook.

Facebook itself is a social media platform that presents a variety of interesting content. Similarly, other platforms are also competing to make their users feel at home. The service feature is in the form of presenting video content, Facebook displays it for its users. Not just watching, users can also download videos that they find exciting in their gallery.

For those users who want to download Facebook videos, there is no need to use additional applications. So how do symbianer do it? To be clear, please refer to the following review.

How to Download Facebook Videos Without App

symbianer don't need to download Facebook videos using the application, because it will only reduce the storage memory capacity. Just use some of the following sites to download selected videos.

1. Savefrom Net

It's a versatile site. symbianer can use the Savefrom Net site to download Facebook videos. How to use it is quite practical and easy, because it is only through a laptop browser.

The trick is to use the video link symbianer want to download on Facebook. Grab the URL link, then copy it and visit Savefrom Net. Then please paste the link in the column provided in the dashboard view of the Savefrom Net site.

Actually, it's not just downloading Facebook videos. symbianer can also use Savefrom Net to download videos from other platforms such as symbianerTube, Instagram, and others. Even to turn a video into MP3 form can also.

2. Snapsave App

Maybe the popularity of Snapsave App is not as big as Savefrom Net, but the site can also be used by users to download videos on Facebook without an application.

Snapsave App provides a variety of resolution options, ranging from full HD, 4K, and 2K. symbianer can take advantage of Snapsave App using various devices such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

Simply visit the site by accessing the link to use the service. The Snapsave App site already supports use using Android and iOS smartphones.

3. Download Facebook Videos with FDown Net

Another site that symbianer can use is FDown Net. Provide video download services on Facebook without having to use the app. The usage process can be directly from symbianerr phone, both Android and iOS, laptop, PC, or tablet.

The various features are also getting simpler. Just visit the URL link via Then paste a copy of the video link in the column provided. Select symbianerr desired resolution and wait for a while, the system will process the video download.

4. Getfvid

Getfvid is a Facebook video download site that users can use to download in MP4 or MP3 format. The site is one of the tools that will help make it easier for users to download videos.

Still the same as some other tools, the way to use Getfvid to download videos on Facebook is through a URL link. So please copy the link of the video on Facebook that symbianer want to download.

Then paste the copy link results on the Getfvid site, if it has been copied, symbianer can click download. Make sure to choose the desired resolution according to symbianerr needs. To save storage space, symbianer can choose only a small resolution.

5. FBDownloader

Finally, take advantage of the FBDownloader site as a tool that symbianer can use to download Facebook videos without an application. Provides a variety of resolutions, ranging from HD to full HD with free services.

It is still the same for use, namely, using a copy of the URL link to download the video. Visit the official website on the to be able to access the service.

Various sites to download Facebook videos are suitable for those of symbianer who have limited storage space or don't want to be complicated by adding applications on symbianerr phone. Hope this information helps and make wise use of it.


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