how to meditate properly

Busy life often makes us feel stressed and bored. To overcome this, symbianer can try to do the following meditation method! Here's how to meditate properly.

Stress and stress are normal for many people. Especially for those of us who have a super busy schedule and minimal time for vacation. In fact, boredom can also arise when we are too long at home, like during the last pandemic.

For symbianer who don't have much time for vacations, this feeling of stress or “burnout” can be a problem later in life. Our productivity can decrease, mood so unstable, less happy, and impact on physical health.

No need to worry, even though we can't take a vacation, we can still overcome burnout from home. symbianer can try several ways of meditation for beginners that can be done easily.

Meditation can provide various benefits for the mind and mental health, symbianer know. Want to know how to meditate correctly for beginners? Follow the steps!

How To Meditate correctly for beginners

Meditation is an art to calm the mind and release all sense of stress. 

To do so, there are various ways that symbianer can follow, here are the steps!

  • Find a comfortable place

The first method of meditation is to find a comfortable and Quiet Place. Meditation can be done anywhere, either indoors or outdoors. 

symbianer can do meditation in the house, in the yard, in the park, or in other places that feel comfortable and quiet.

  • Position symbianerrself As Comfortable As Possible

After finding a quiet place, next we need to position ourselves comfortably. Most meditation activities are done while sitting, meaning symbianer need to wear comfortable pants.

symbianer can use women's pants leggings that have a comfortable and elastic material that is suitable for sports and meditation. If symbianer meditate in the garden or courtyard of the house, it is worth using the worm mat as a seat.

Position our body sitting cross-legged with a strapping body. The goal is that blood circulation and breathing become smoother and the body relaxes.

  • Calm The Mind

To start meditation, we need to calm the mind first. Get rid of all unnecessary thoughts, focus entirely on symbianerrself. 

Try not to think about work or other affairs that become a daily routine, symbianer!

  • Define Time Limits

Meditation activities can be done at any time and in different time durations. As a beginner, we can limit meditation activities in a short duration of time, for example between 5 and 10 minutes.

Make this initial meditation as a process to maintain concentration and focus from various kinds of distractions around us. If symbianer are a pro, symbianer can apply this meditation method to calm down for a moment before starting work.

  • Regulate Breathing

Regulating breathing is one of the most important parts of how to meditate. Focus symbianerr mind on keeping symbianerr breathing steady. 

We can use the time count to take a deep breath, hold our breath, and exhale for a few seconds. Do the technique repeatedly to get maximum calm during meditation.

  • Keep symbianerr Mind Focused

The right meditation can make our minds wander and explore the positive values that exist within us. Therefore, make sure symbianer leave all negative thoughts.

Also, avoid any distractions that may arise. For example, turn off symbianerr phone for a moment, turn off the television, or choose a quiet place away from noise.

  • End The Meditation Slowly

After meditation, symbianer should not immediately move from a sitting position. Like exercise that ends with cooling, meditation also needs to end slowly, symbianer.

We can open our eyes slowly, then take a minute to listen to the surrounding sounds. Also observe the surrounding environment in a relaxed manner and let our emotions flow naturally.