How to Register Netflix Account

Nowadays, symbianer don't have to bother going to the cinema if symbianer want to enjoy the latest movie shows. The reason is, various movie watching platforms are available online. Well, one of the most popular movie streaming services is Netflix. Then, how do I sign up for Netflix?

Besides being popular, Netflix also has another advantage where users can enjoy its services through the application or from a web browser. Then, on Netflix users can also subscribe to movies and TV series from various channels, such as HBO GO, Amazon Prime, Viu, iFlix. And others.

How to Register Netflix Account

Before symbianer can enjoy movies on Netflix, symbianer first need to register and subscribe. FYI, for new users, Netflix offers a free trial for 30 days.

The steps to create a Netflix account are fairly easy, symbianer can register via PC or Android phone. In addition, the transaction and subscription process is fairly fast. Here's how to list Netflix on an Android phone 2022.

  1. Go to the Netflix page via the link
  2. After that, create a new account by filling in the form, email address and password
  3. Then open symbianerr email inbox because Netflix sends symbianer a confirmation code via the email symbianer previously used to sign up
  4. After that, choose what subscription plan suits symbianerr interests (Netflix gives symbianer the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade at any time)
  5. Then set the payment method using a valid credit card
  6. After that, wait for Netflix to confirm the payment
  7. That's it, symbianerr Netflix account is done and start streaming!

Netflix itself is currently used by millions of people in the world. The ease of watching movies makes it one of the largest entertainment platforms in the world.

There are actually quite a lot of movie provider platforms, but it may not be as popular as this one. Apart from being an app, it turns out that Netflix also produces their own movies, symbianer will find a lot of movies made by Netflix that are labeled as Netflix originals.

That's how to register an account on Netflix, once registered, symbianer can enjoy the latest movies without the hassle of having to go to the cinema. Let's register!