How to Use Zoom

Some of symbianer may be wondering what Zoom is and how to use Zoom. In the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic, the word Zoom is often mentioned. But what exactly is Zoom and how to use it?

Step by Step How to Use Zoom

Then, how do symbianer use this online meeting application? To be able to use it, symbianer should first download the application either on a PC or smartphone. There is no difference in how to use it on a PC or smartphone. The difference lies in symbianerr status, whether as a host or as a participant. For more details, here are the steps to use Zoom, either as a participant or host. 

How to use Zoom as an attendee

  1. Make sure symbianer already have the Zoom app on the device symbianer want to use. 
  2. Make sure symbianer have a meeting ID or join Zoom meeting link. 
  3. Go to the application, then click the “Join” menu
  4. Enter the meeting ID or join meeting link, then click “Join”
  5. Don't forget to set a name that will be read by other participants. 
  6. Please wait, until the host gives permission to enter the room. 

How to use as a host

  1. Make sure symbianer already have the app on the device symbianer want to use. 
  2. Go to the app, then click the “New Meeting” menu
  3. symbianer'll automatically start the meeting. 
  4. In the upper left corner, there is a green logo that says meeting information.
  5. Please click the logo, then information will appear about the meeting ID or join meeting link.
  6. Please copy and share it with others so that symbianer can enter the meeting room symbianer created. 
  7. If symbianer want to share symbianerr meeting ID or Zoom meeting join link in advance, then go to the “Meetings” menu
  8. In the menu, there is information about the personal meeting ID.
  9. Please click “Copy Invitation” and share it with others. 
  10. If symbianer want to start a meeting, please go to the “Meetings” menu then click “Start”

Zoom Features

Then, to get a better online meeting experience, the Zoom app offers some excellent features. Here are some of the features in this most famous online meeting application. 

  • Presentation: This presentation feature allows a person to share a presentation that is on their screen. So all participants in the meeting room can see what is being presented. 
  • Video: To make the meeting even more real, symbianer can turn on the camera and meet with other participants. In this feature, symbianer can use several filters to change the background. 
  • Record: This record feature makes it possible to record all conversations that occur during a meeting. 
  • Chat: symbianer can use chat features to send messages to everyone or to only a specific person. 
  • Security: For the host, this security feature is useful for giving permission to other people so that they can enter the room or be able to make presentations. 

Now it has understood what the zoom application is. In the midst of the pandemic and current technological advances, this online meeting service has become a very useful platform.