How to get a blue tick or verification icon on Twitter for 2023

How to verify Twitter account

How to get a blue tick or verification icon on Twitter or how to verify the latest Twitter account is important to know for those who want to be verified on this social media networking platform. 

Initially, this feature has been introduced since 2009 and is usually obtained by verifying (submitting personal data) our identity to the twitter team.

However, after Twitter was officially taken over by Elon Musk, there was a change to the rules. One of the known people from the Tesla and SpaceX companies will charge a subscription fee on accounts that want to get a verification mark of USD 8 per year (may vary by country or there is a price change).

This means that in order for symbianerr Twitter account to get a blue checkmark, symbianer have to pay and subscribe every year.

There are several steps that need to be done to verify symbianerr account, here are the steps reported from the official Twitter page. 

How to verify Twitter account: 

  1. Go to symbianerr account profile menu, symbianer can access it through the app or web. 
  2. Select the Twitter Blue menu, in this menu symbianer will be taken to the twitter blue page
  3. Select the manage subscriptions menu. 
  4. Select the manage payments menu.
  5. Complete the payment method data.
  6. Choose a subscription plan as needed.
  7. Once symbianer have made symbianerr subscription selection, and made symbianerr payment, symbianer will receive a verification mark. 
Keep in mind that this verification Token requires an annual fee, meaning if symbianer do not pay at the end of symbianerr subscription period, then the verification token will be lost.

Thus, the guide or how to verify a Twitter account or how to get a blue tick on the latest twitter. Hopefully this guide is useful, and if there is any feedback or need for changes to the tutorial above, please contact us, or write a comment.


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